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CP Permissions · Wiki


• Permissions are a very powerful method to distribute unique user permissions to individuals. When used in conjunction with the Groups feature in UBB you can just about do anything you want. The only issue with this is the more complicated you make the groups and permissions the harder it is to keep track of them.
• Permissions for forums, site and control panel are assigned to groups not users per say. So you would create the groups then assign permissions to the groups then assign users to the groups.
• Typically this area is used for moderators.
• Also any Non Admin Group member you assign to this group does not really have full access. They will have some missing rights for access.

Editing CP Permissions

• Login to your board as a Admin.
• Select the Control Panel link on the left.
• Scroll down to the Permissions Section and select the CP Permissions link.
• On this screen you will see:
     • All fields require a numeric value. Enter 0 to disable and 1 to enable, unless otherwise specified. If a user belongs to multiple groups, a indicates the user will get the highest permission, a indicates they will get the lowest. If you enter a -1 for any specific permission, then a user will not have that permission even if they belong to other groups that do have it set.

Has full access to the control panel

• Enter a 1 to enable the group or a 0 to disable the group for access to the control panel.

Can edit users

• Enter a 1 to enable the group or a 0 to disable the group for access to the control panel Member Management section only.

Finished editing

• When complete select the Control Panel Permissions button.
Posted on October 4th, 2014 · Updated on August 12th, 2016
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