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James Corthell



James Corthell was born on April 8, 1983 in Milwaukie, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, Oregon (USA). James is a Web Developer by trade, and has worked as a cellular, computer, server, and software technician. He is a divorced father of two children; a son who was born in 2005 named Trey and a daughter who was born in 2013 named Aubree.

James has been a member of UBB.Central since 1997 (well, the original home on Madrona Park's website) and was one of the founding members of The UBB.Developers Network (UBB.Dev).

On July 8, 2011 The UBB.Wiki Project was founded by James and Ruben Rocha as an attempt to provide documentation to UBB.threads.

On August 16, 2012 James acquired UBB.Dev from Allen Ayres to further the site which had recently become abandoned.

On January 27th, 2015 James and Isaac DeCoursey, through UBB.Dev, begun writing coding directly for UBB.Central for UBB.threads; their first released build was a code cleanup release 7.5.9.



A Gardeners Forum
Scouters World
UBB.Developers Network
UGN Security
VNC Web Services


Social Networks

Facebook: gremelin
Google+: +JamesCorthell83
Linkedin: corthell
Twitter: @gremelin



UBB.Central: Gizmo
UBB.Dev: Gizmo
Posted on October 4th, 2014 - Updated on January 1st, 2017
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