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Forum Specific Custom Islands · Wiki


This is the documentation for Creating Islands to appear specifically by forum in the right and left columns.

Created By Ruben.

One item that has always bugged me is why can't I have different islands appear specific to each forum.

Modification Information

Requirements: UBB.Threads 7.x (not compatible with UBB.Threads 6.x or below)

About the Modification

This is a edit to the custom html includes in the UBB control panel by forum not a code mod.
So no code modification is needed.
What this allows you to do is display specific islands on the left and right side by forum.
Meaning for example:
In forum one on the left side show the shout box and the featured member.
Then in forum two show only custom island one.
Or any combination of any Island. While still preserving the ability of the user to turn off the column if they wish.

Needs editing

Code · PHP Code
$config['LEFT_COLUMN_BOXES'] = array("portal_box_2","portal_box_1","portal_box_4");

Posted on October 2nd, 2014 · Updated on October 15th, 2014
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