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UBB.Threads v7.5.7 Changelog · Wiki

New Features

• Added Stop Forum Spam integration ( with 4 levels of protection. Special thanks to long time UBB member Gizmo for the initial code for his new feature.
• Administrators can now manually add a new user in the control panel to the default sign up groups and send the user their login information.
• A site wide custom Board Key is now available, allowing the UBB administrator to specify and further enhance security.
• New favicon.ico for both themes

Feature Changes

• Revised cookie handling for returning members.
• Removed Internet Explorer 7 directive in header and replaced with IE Edge to enhance compatibility with with Internet Explorer going forward.
• Default Stock and Dark themes have been modified to be more lean and efficient.
• Upgrader has been cleaned up to address incorrect errors for Language strings and non-existent files.
• Upgrader now identifies older files that are not needed and should be deleted enhancing security and providing a cleaner install.
• Control panel login page now shows helpful info about server and environment.
• Admin control panel had been updated with a new cleaner look and feel.

Bug Fixes

• Various bug fixes
Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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