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UBB.Threads (formerly WWWThreads) is an internet forum software package originally written by Rick Baker and is written in PHP using a MySQL database backend.

WWWThreads was originally written in Perl starting in 1997, then a PHP version was made in 2000. WWWThreads was notable for being one of the first forum software packages to support both flat and threaded discussion modes.

In 2001, WWWThreads was acquired by Infopop Corporation (later known as Groupee, Inc. and now known as Social Strata), owners of the Ultimate Bulletin Board software and was consequently renamed UBB.Threads. After the WWWThreads acquisition by Infopop, the Perl version of WWWThreads was discontinued in favor of of their Perl based forum UBB.Classic.

The last Perl version of WWWThreads was version 5.4.3. All subsequent versions of UBB.Threads starting with version 5.5 were released in PHP only. UBB.Threads 6.0 was released in the spring of 2002.


UBB.Threads is currently owned by UBB Systems.

Former Ownership

UBB.Threads was created by Rick Baker in 1997 as WWWThreads. In 2001 Infopop (now Social Strata) acquired WWWThreads and renamed it UBB.Threads. On January 1, 2010 UBB.Threads was sold back to Rick Baker of Mindraven, Inc. June 2011, UBB.Threads was sold to UBB Systems.
Posted on October 2nd, 2014
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