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This category outlines the various UBB.threads Wiki entries involving the UBB.threads Changelog.
This category outlines the various UBB.threads Wiki entries involving the Control Panel.
This category outlines the various UBB.threads Wiki entries involving the UBB.threads features.
We really couldn't match these pages elsewhere, so they live here.
Where modifications aren't officially supported by UBB.threads Support (it isn't their code to support afterall), they do extend the features of our forums, providing us with additional features and changes to our preferences.
The people you may come in contact with around the UBB Communities.
Information on various related products.
The sites linked below are sites that are related to the UBB.
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The 20 Latest Wiki Entries

CustomTag Editor
What Is Covered Summary How to Use Control Panel Settings ] Current Code Summary The CustomTag editor allows you to create a set of custom UBBCode to extend the functionality of your forum. In the st
Attachment Manager
Summary The attachment manager in v7.6.0 allows one to attach images while staying on the New Topic/Fully Reply screens by way of a Lightbox window which loads the attachment manager page, versus a po
UBB.threads v7.5.10 Changelog
Dates - Released February 15th, 2015 Discussion - UBB.Central: 7.5.10 Changelog Discussion This build was originally referenced as v7.5.9.1, but was changed to v7.5.10 when released to UBB.Central. N
UBB.threads v7.6.0 Changelog
Dates - Released: February 15th, 2017 Refreshed: February 23rd, 2017 Discussion - UBB.Central: 7.6.0 Changelog Discussion Notes v7.6.0 was written by James Corthell (Gremelin, UBBDev, VNC Web Service
UBB.Staff Listing
What Is Covered Summary Demonstration Developer Notes Downloads Fees Support Summary James Corthell, VNC Web Services, has created a Staff Listing addon for UBB.threads, which will allow your users t
qwebirc Chat Wrapper
What Is Covered Summary Demonstration Developer Notes Downloads Support Summary James Corthell, VNC Web Services, has created a qwebirc Chat Wrapper for UBB.threads; qwebirc is a popular IRC Chat scr
UBB.threads System Requirements Test
What Is Covered Summary Demonstration Developer Notes Downloads Support Compatibility Checks ] PHP Version ] filter_var ] mysql_connect ] mb_convert_case ] iconv ] ctype ] GD ] preg_replace ] json_enc
UBB.threads Bounced EMail Processor
What Is Covered Summary About the Modification Additional Files Demonstration How Does it Work? Install Instructions Usage Instructions Settings Changelog Frequently Asked Questions ] What does purcha
UBB.threads v8
What Is Covered Dates Notes Original Announcement Dates Changelogs in the private Beta Testing forum at UBB.Central began to be posted on May 26th, 2009; the final changelog entry posted was on Apr 1
Joshua Pettit
About Joshua Pettit is one of the founders of The UBB.Developers Network, now owned by James Corthell. Websites Social Networks Facebook: joshuapettit Linkedin: 429083 Forums UBB.Central: JoshPet
Ian Spence
About Ian Spence is a former UBB.threads developer who has lent aid from early versions of the UBB.threads v7 series. He was also a UBB.Developer who released several modifications which made it into
Brett Pavioni
About Brett Pavioni is a former UBB.Developer who helped create and manage several modifications which have since been added to the base UBB.threads and UBB.classic products (such as Spoiler Tags, UBB
Trial Version
Summary This entry will provide information on the past UBB Trial Versions, which are no longer available as of Series 7. Series 6 In the UBB.threads6 and UBB.classic6 releases there was a Trial Vers
Language Editor
What Is Covered Summary Languages Tab Search / Edit Language Strings Example Search Language Editor Add New Strings Additional Information Summary The language editor in UBB.threads is a fairly strai
Managing Styles
What Is Covered Summary Exporting a Style Importing a Style Developing a Style Summary There are several areas that we'd like to tackle in regards to styles; first we will introduce you to importing
UBB.Central is the home of the UBB.Threads forum software solution.
Summary Attachments allow you to upload a file to a post, so long as you have been given permissions to do so and the file type has been allowed. Attachments will appear in a post as an attachment wit
Who's Online
Summary The who's online feature displays each user (or Search Engine Spider) that's online. This page will attempt to reload every 60 seconds. Registered Users The users listing displays the followi
User List
Summary The User List feature of UBB.threads displays the listing of all users who are registered on the forum and their online status. The listing, by default, lists all users based on their post cou
Site Permissions
Summary Permissions are a very powerful method to distribute unique user permissions to individuals. When used in conjunction with the Groups feature in UBB you can just about do anything you want. Th
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