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The attachment manager in v7.6.0 allows one to attach images while staying on the New Topic/Fully Reply screens by way of a Lightbox window which loads the attachment manager page, versus a popup which some browsers can block. There have also been significant improvements in the v7.6 series, including the option to process attachments through the image processor that your forums have been configured to use (ImageMagick or GD).

Attaching Files

When on the "New Topic" page via the forum you wish to attach a file:

Or on the "Full Reply" page, via the topic you wish to respond to (click the "Full Reply" button in the Quick Reply box):

You will want to click the link for the "Attachment Manager" (under the "Post Icon" box):

The Attachment Manager will now display, you can now enter a caption and either drag your images to the "or drag it here" link (from the file browser on your computer) or you can select the "Select A File To Attach" button which will open a file dialog from within your web browser.

When you are done attaching images (up to the limit that the Control Panel allows, for this example 20 attachments are allowed at a size of up to 8MB, these settings can be changed in the Control Panel (see the below related link).

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Posted on May 20th, 2017
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