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Features · Wiki Entries

Attachment Manager
Summary The attachment manager in v7.6.0 allows one to attach images while staying on the New Topic/Fully Reply screens by way of a Lightbox window which loads the attachment manager page, versus a po
Summary Attachments allow you to upload a file to a post, so long as you have been given permissions to do so and the file type has been allowed. Attachments will appear in a post as an attachment wit
Custom Islands
What Is Covered Summary Creating a Custom Island Editing a Custom Island Default Code Examples ] Example 1: Using PHP and HTML ] Example 2: Site Links Navigation Menu ] Example 3: Image with Embedded
CustomTag Editor
What Is Covered Summary How to Use Control Panel Settings ] Current Code Summary The CustomTag editor allows you to create a set of custom UBBCode to extend the functionality of your forum. In the st
Summary The gallery feature allows you to designate a forum or forums as a image gallery forum. A Gallery forum will allow images uploaded as a post and the file size and number of images per post are
Summary Groups are a very powerful method to distribute unique user permissions to individuals. When used in conjunction with the permissions feature in UBB you can just about do anything you want. Th
Summary Polls are somewhat a tough question to answer. First is when creating a poll you do not see a progress or preview. Such as when creating a poll if you are allowed from the group you are in.
Summary The Portal page function is a unique tool that allows you to build an introductory page to your message board using snippets of text and information from posts, users, etc. When enabled, the P
Portal Boxes
Summary Portal boxes are called Islands in the control panel. Once you have created a island you can use it to convey information in various ways. Currently we have three types available. Post Island
Summary This page outlines the features in both the Quick Reply and Full Reply (and New Post) functions of the UBB.threads forum. You may also be interested in UBBCode. Quick Reply Box The Quick Repl
Summary The search feature of UBB.threads allows your users to search your forums content for various terms. There are two Control Panel options for the Search Engine, MySQL Full-Text search or using
What Is Covered Summary Location Expanding Functionality Fields Summary The Shareaholic feature in Version 7.5.8 started it's life as a modification at UBBDev on November 23rd, 2013 and was added to
Stop Forum Spam
What Is Covered Summary Location API Key Limitations Fields Protection Levels ] Level 1 ] Level 2 ] Level 3 ] Level 4 Troubleshooting ] Requesting Removal ] Too Many Queries Summary The Stop Forum Sp
Summary Payments Payments Tab Currency What currency should amounts be listed as? PayPal Allow payment via PayPal? Your PayPal Email Address Check/Money Order Allow payment by Payment mailing address
Summary This page is to document UBBCode in UBB.threads. Smilies Smilies, unlike the other UBBCode tags, just converts smilies to an image; these are: Text Formatting b[ text = Makes the given text
User List
Summary The User List feature of UBB.threads displays the listing of all users who are registered on the forum and their online status. The listing, by default, lists all users based on their post cou
What UBBCode is available?
Text Formatting b] text /b] = Makes the given text bold. i] text /i] = Makes the given text italic. u] text /u] = Underlines the given text. s] text /s] = Will post your text with a line through it (s
Who's Online
Summary The who's online feature displays each user (or Search Engine Spider) that's online. This page will attempt to reload every 60 seconds. Registered Users The users listing displays the followi
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