The UBB.threads System Requirements Test has been developed to check your server configuration, including default values, that may cause problems with a UBB.threads install. Development by James Corthell (Gizmo/Gremelin) of VNC Web Services.

System Requirements Met

Your system meets all of the PHP requirements for UBB.threads:
Minimum Version: v7.7.0
Maximum Version: v7.7.x

Possible Problems

Possible problems have been detected, please see the individual messages below for more information.
  • The required PHP extension "mysql_connect" (MySQL Connect) could not be found. This error is non-crucial if the "mysqli_connect" function exists and you are running UBB.threads v7.7+. Please see UBBWiki: mysql_connect
  • The reported PHP 'max_input_vars' setting is currently set at or below the default setting (Current: 1000, Default: 1000), which could have issues if you have more than 33 forums; for more information, please see the UBBWiki entry "Issues with the PHP 'max_input_vars' Setting". Please see UBBWiki: maxinput
  • The 'max_execution_time' value (Default: 30) determines how long PHP can wait for a script to fully execute; we recommend a value of at least '60'. Please see UBBWiki: maxexecution

UBB.threads Configuration

You have indicated that you would like to test your UBB.threads configuration, but the file could not be found in the path: forum/includes/

Additional Information

  • Compatible UBB.threads Versions:
    • Minimum: v7.7.0
    • Maximum: v7.7.x
    Read more about Server Requirements and Suggestions on UBBWiki
  • File Get Contents: Allows External URLs
  • GZip: GZip is supported on this system.
  • Maximum Execution Time: 30 Seconds
  • Maximum Upload File Size: 2M (see for more information)
  • Maximum Upload Size Allowed: 2M (the smaller of post_max_size vs upload_max_filesize)
  • Memory Limit: 128M
  • MySQL: MySQL v5.0 or newer is required; please manually check that you meet this requirement.
  • PHP Interface: cgi-fcgi
  • PHP Version: 7.0.27
  • Reported Host:
  • Reported IP:
  • Reported OS: Linux
  • Reported Path: /home/ubbwiki/public_html
  • Reported Port: 80
  • Post Max File Size: 8M (can affect the upload size, see for more information)
  • Time: The current, unadjusted, server time is: Saturday, December 15th, 2018 at 11:29 AM, UTC (+00:00)
  • ZLib: ZLib is supported on this system.
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