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My real name is Ruben Rocha.
So most sites allow me to register as such. Either Ruben or Ruben Rocha.

Regular sites I visit are:

I am not a programmer so to speak, but more of a power user of software. I started using UBB.Classic in 1999.
Did quite a bit of hacking with the mods available at the time.

Today I try to stay with stock code as much as possible with UBBThreads.
Sometimes you just can't resist though.

Over the years I have had a lot of help and support from UBBCentral and UBBDev.
So I am attempting to return the favor to others by contributing to this WIKI.

Gizmo has been the lead on this project from the beginning.
In fact he was the instigator, I just followed up with nagging him about how to get it started.
Well all of a sudden he sends me a message that he created this site.
So here we are.
My only regret is that we did not start this project when version 7 was published. It would be more complete now.
Even though I have been contributing to this site. Gizmo would be the person to remember for this effort.
I know he has helped me on several occasions here already.
I know one occasion I showed him something here. Very rare situation but it made my day.

I hope this site proves useful to at least the new customers of UBB as well as veterans and users of the software.

Nothing against UBB but some documentation has been lagging behind the features and bug fixes over the past few years.
So for new people this has become a big hurdle to learn what veteran users know without a manual to guide them.

Location: Lutz, FL; USA
Position: Member
Homepage: Click Here
Posted on October 5th, 2014
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