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What Libraries Are Used in UBB.threads?

What Is Covered

Listing of Libraries



The following libraries are utilized in UBB.Threads for their listed functions.


Library Listing

• BoxOver - BoxOver (now abandonware by its author) uses JavaScript/DHTML to display tooltips on a website. It is responsible for overlaying a data box on your mouse pointer when the Topic Tooltip Preview is enabled. BoxOver was introduced in v7.3.

html5shiv - html5shiv is utilized to allow HTML5 in outdated versions of Internet Explorer.

PHPMailer - PHPMailer handles all of the emails sent by UBB.threads.

Smarty Template Engine - The Smarty Template Engine is the system that parses our template files for display to the users browser.

Shadowbox - Shadowbox is a JavaScript/CSS media viewer.

Shareaholic - Shareaholic was introduced in v7.5.8 to help your users share content to outside sources such as Facebook, Google+, and many other services.

Stop Forum Spam - The Stop Forum Spam coding was added in v7.5.8 Refresh 2 and enhanced in v7.6.0 to include full login page protection. Overall this plugin checks users against a large database of spammers to help keep your forums clear of spam.
Posted on March 15th, 2015 · Updated on May 26th, 2015
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