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Administration Guide
Introduction - A brief introduction to the UBB.threads software. Control Panel - An overview of the main Control Panel. ] Master Settings - An overview of the Master Settings section of the Control Pa
Backup Guide
What Is Covered Summary Manual Backups ] Creating Manual Backups The UBB.threads Backup Utility ] Using the UBB.threads Backup Utility Creating a File Backup ] Using tar to Create a Backup of Files S
Converting to UTF8
By Isaac DeCoursey Edited by James Corthell What Is Covered Summary Converting Your Forums ] Duplicating your Database in MySQL via PHPMyAdmin ] Converting your MySQL Database via PHPMyAdmin ] Convert
Creating a New UBB.threads Page
What Is Covered Summary Example Files ] Example Language File ] Example Script File ] Example Template File Summary Creating a new system (page) in UBB.threads can be a challenge, even to a vested ve
Getting Started Guide
Summary This guide gives an overview on getting started with your forum and covers basic steps like adding your first categories, forums, and sub-forums. Getting Started with Forums Managing a Catego
Install Guide
Before you install UBB.threads we recommend that you browse the Pre-Installation Checklist and test your server with the UBB.threads System Requirement Test. This guide will provide information requir
Welcome to the UBB.threads Community Congratulations on choosing UBB.threads, the most customizable PHP-based forum software on the planet. This Administration Guide will assist you with maintaining y
Managing a Gallery Forum
What Is Covered Summary ImageMagick vs GD Adjusting Gallery Settings ] ImageMagick Settings ] Gallery Forum Settings Creating a Gallery Forum Creating a New Gallery Post Summary The Gallery Forums fe
Migration Guide
Summary This guide is designed to help you migrate your forums from one webhost to another; it assumes you have some basic knowledge of linux/windows servers, and are capable of administering them. If
Moderation Guide
Summary This guide gives an overview of various functions for a Moderator or Global Moderator. The primary distinction between the two is that, where a Moderator is the mod of a forum, a Global Modera
Six Steps to a Successful Online Community
Introduction Text Box: … customers gain a lot of value from interacting with one another and often find that the community aspect of a Website is what makes them feel taken care of. -- Patricia Seyb
Upgrade Guide
What Is Covered Summary Upgrading within UBB.threads v7 Upgrade Notes for v7.5.9 Upgrading from UBB.Classic 6.7.x ] UBB.Classic - Import ] UBB.Classic - Reusing Your Old Location UBB.Classic - Redirec
UTF-8 vs Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1)
By Isaac DeCoursey and James Corthell What Is Covered Summary Converting Caveats Wikipedia Explains Summary The current default internet standard for character sets are UTF8; when UBB.threads was ini
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