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Troubleshooting · Article Entries

Database Error Only Visible to Forum Administrators
What is Covered in This Article Summary I Already have MySQL Logging Enabled I never enabled MySQL Logging prior to my problem Default /includes/ File Summary This error is commonly cau
How to Fix Black Diamonds
What Is Covered Summary Additional Reading Fixes Further Information Summary Black diamonds occur when posts are stored in the database with one character set, and are read out to the browser with a
I have lost my UBB.threads License Information!
Summary As we (UBBDev and VNC Web Services) are contractors for UBB.threads, are not employees of UBBCentral, and we have no say in the day to day operations of their business, we've made this trouble
I have overwritten my UBB.threads configuration files!
Don't panic, there are several things that can be done. Restore from a backup First, if you had the forethought to keep complete backups, you'll want to restore your /cache_builders/custom and /inclu
Issues with the PHP Module 'suhosin'
What Is Covered Summary Recommended Values Install Check Discussion Summary The PHP suhosin module can wreak havock with your UBB.threads install and other scripts that you may have hosted on your si
Issues with the PHP 'max_input_vars' Setting
What Is Covered Summary Frequently Asked Questions ] What harm could it really do? ] What is my setting? ] Can I change my setting? ] Is there anything that I can do if my host has suhosin installed?
Unable to connect to the database!
What Is Covered Summary Causes Troubleshooting Summary This entry is to clarify on a specific error found in your UBB.threads MySQL Log File found associated with a Database Error Only Visible to For
What happened to Picupload?
What happened to Picupload? Picupload was a modification for UBB.threads v7.5.x, created by David Hale which allowed for the simple upload and embed of image files into a post. The resulting uploaded
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