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This category outlines the various UBB.threads Wiki entries involving Documentation.
This is a list of "How To" guides for UBB.threads.
This category outlines various tips and tricks for UBB.Threads.
This category outlines various troubleshooting articles for UBB.Threads.
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The 20 Latest Articles

I have overwritten my UBB.threads configuration files!
Don't panic, there are several things that can be done. Restore from a backup First, if you had the forethought to keep complete backups, you'll want to restore your /cache_builders/custom and /inclu
Six Steps to a Successful Online Community
Introduction Text Box: … customers gain a lot of value from interacting with one another and often find that the community aspect of a Website is what makes them feel taken care of. -- Patricia Seyb
I have lost my UBB.threads License Information!
Summary As we (UBBDev and VNC Web Services) are contractors for UBB.threads, are not employees of UBBCentral, and we have no say in the day to day operations of their business, we've made this trouble
How do I set up the Ad Island?
First you'll need to create a Custom Island (CP -> Portal -> Custom Islands), then you'll edit the forum details (CP -> Content -> Forums -> Details) and select the Custom Island as an Ad Island under
What happened to Picupload?
What happened to Picupload? Picupload was a modification for UBB.threads v7.5.x, created by David Hale which allowed for the simple upload and embed of image files into a post. The resulting uploaded
Are there any issues with allowing "Special Characters in Display
There are issues with the Special Characters in Display Names feature of UBB.threads, and it's generally just considered a bad idea on multiple levels: A malicious user can create an account which app
Creating a New UBB.threads Page
What Is Covered Summary Example Files ] Example Language File ] Example Script File ] Example Template File Summary Creating a new system (page) in UBB.threads can be a challenge, even to a vested ve
Managing a Gallery Forum
What Is Covered Summary ImageMagick vs GD Adjusting Gallery Settings ] ImageMagick Settings ] Gallery Forum Settings Creating a Gallery Forum Creating a New Gallery Post Summary The Gallery Forums fe
Style Changes to v7.6.0
What Is Covered Summary Style Names for /install/styles/ Required Style Adjustments, When Upgrading FROM UBB.threads 7.5.x to 7.6.x ] Adjustments to Stock Styles ] Adjustments to Custom Styles Build y
Configuring Limited Groups
What Is Covered Summary Configuring a Newbies Group (graduating to the Users Group) Summary Some forum owners like the ability for new users to have to reach a specific amount of posts in order to ha
UTF-8 vs Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1)
By Isaac DeCoursey and James Corthell What Is Covered Summary Converting Caveats Wikipedia Explains Summary The current default internet standard for character sets are UTF8; when UBB.threads was ini
Converting to UTF8
By Isaac DeCoursey Edited by James Corthell What Is Covered Summary Converting Your Forums ] Duplicating your Database in MySQL via PHPMyAdmin ] Converting your MySQL Database via PHPMyAdmin ] Convert
Server Requirements and Suggestions
What Is Covered Summary Image Processing MySQL Permissions PHP Setting Recommendations Ram and CPU Requirements Web Server Requirements PHP7 Notice UBB.threads v7.0-v7.5.6p2 Minimum System Requirement
License Agreement
What Is Covered License Lead License Copies; Notices License Restrictions Copyright; Proprietary Rights Delivery and Installation Member Area Modifications to the Software Your Responsibilities Promot
Issues with the PHP 'max_input_vars' Setting
What Is Covered Summary Frequently Asked Questions ] What harm could it really do? ] What is my setting? ] Can I change my setting? ] Is there anything that I can do if my host has suhosin installed?
Code Modifications
In the past, it has been made clear at UBB.Central that modifications to the stock UBB.threads coding are not supported, and that only code supplied in the stock archives in the Members Area would be
Beta Testing UBB.threads
What Is Covered Summary Expectations Join the Team Resources Summary From time to time The UBB.Developers Network (UBBDev; a subsidiary of VNC Web Services and the coding team behind UBB.threads v7.5
Release Dates
The management at UBB.Central has indicated to the developers at The UBB.Developers Network (UBB.Dev) that they would be open to 3-4 releases of the UBB.threads forum software per year. This doesn't m
What Libraries Are Used in UBB.threads?
What Is Covered Summary Listing of Libraries Summary The following libraries are utilized in UBB.Threads for their listed functions. Library Listing BoxOver - BoxOver (now abandonware by its author)
How to Translate UBB.threads
Translating the UBB.threads Language Packs is a fairly straight forward task, simply download the files from our archive (UBB.Threads v7 - English (US) Language Packs), unzip the files to your compute
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